Question about data displayed in the Getting Started Simulation

I am running the simulation, as you can see in the graphic above. I don’t understand where some of the data comes from.

Grid = meter0 = a meter measuring the power to/from the grid, this is simulating a physical meter

ess0 L: is a power reading provided by the ess, simulating data from an actually ess.

Consumption = this I don’t understand. How is this measured? The only meter we have is measuring the power to/from the grid. What device is measuring the power consumed by the house?

That is my question: What device is measuring the power consumed by the house?

(aside, I have no UI as the one in the tutorial doesn’t work and I have been unable to install node.js on my Ubuntu machine to build the UI. Any tips on this would also be appreciated)

Your help apprecieated.

Hi James,

The consumption power is not measured, but calculated from the grid power, the production power and the ess power.

Unfortunately, I can’t help you with your second question.

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you started a websocket?
and this is not working?
perhaps i have to update the ui and upload it again. didnt test it for 3 Months.

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Please take a look at this post I did about the UI.


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Ok, this seems too simple which is perhaps how I overlooked it.
With no ESS power, Grid = Consumption.
With ESS power supplied, which I presume IS measured and provided by the ESS…
Consumption = ESS + Grid
Consumption is calculated… not measured.

BUT, how is the CSV file data being used in the simulation after you start the Controller ESS Balancing?
I don’t see how this reflects a real system? If you push power in from the ESS, the meter reading goes down… so how is the data from the CSV file being used if it’s not the meter reading?

Ok… I guess the Simulator Grid Meter Acting not like a real meter, but using the data from the ESS and CSV, to produce the Grid result.

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the ui should work again. sorry for that.

perhaps this topic helps you to understand the simulation better.

The system is not meant to make SIMULATIONS, it is just for testing propose. The simulations should be improved, but cause everybody is fokused on real Systems, there is no time. But feel free and build a good fitting simulation.

and perhaps that post helps

Exactly. You can use the Grid Meter Reacting to calculate the Grid power from consumption, production and ess power, and the NRC Meter Acting to simulate consumption from the datasource.

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