Simluate Multiple Edge Devices on Same Computer


My question is, is it possible to simulate 2+ edge devices on my computer at once using Eclipse? It seems like simply running io.openems.edge.application a second time is not enough since it is essentially just creating the exact same edge device that won’t be differentiated. I assume that if it is possible, I would need to change information like the metadata, ID, and localhost port number as per the post I discuss below but I am not sure how to go about doing this for one instance I am running but not the other? Would I need to duplicate the OpenEMS software or is it possible without doing this?

I am not worried about connecting them to backend at the moment, just getting them up and running at the same time. There is a related post that gives me a general idea about how to connect these devices to backend, but is for edge running on two separate devices:

Sorry I am quite new to all of this, any help at all would be appreciated! :slight_smile:


easiest approach to run multiple Edges on one PC might be Docker. See OpenEMS on Docker Hub:

If you want to run multiple instances from inside Eclipse IDE, I recommend you to copy the EdgeApp.bndrun file and change at least the per instance. This will allow you to hold different configurations per instance in that config directory. See → openems/io.openems.edge.application/EdgeApp.bndrun at develop · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub


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