Simulation OpenEMS with my own Data (CSV File)


I’m interested in integrating my own data into OpenEMS using CSV files. Could you please guide me through the process? I would like to simulate the data and view the results.

Additionally, I’m curious about where I can find the CSV files with parameters for the example PV system in the software. Could you provide some guidance on this as well?

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What you could do is to use the component “Datasource CSV Direct” and paste your CSV file into the confguration. Then you can configure for example a “Simulated Production Meter Acting” and give it the datasource, and it will run through the datasouce, switching to the next value every core cycle, or after a time delta you can configure in the datasource.

The predefined CSV files you’ll find in the directory of the datasouce CSV predefined:

Of course you could also put your CSV file there and add it to the Source enum.

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you can read this post for more information about the ‘CSV-Source’ and CSV limitation for users who used own CSV files. it can be helpful :grinning:

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thank you for your answer. But what would it ultimately look like in defiles or in the program? Do you have an example of this?

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