Struggling with Power-Solver

Hi Forum,

I have a problem with the power-solver. It tells the ESS how to charge or discharge. However, there are sporadic values that don’t match the others. For example, 30 times -100W and then twice 300W, then again -100W. I suspect a problem with reading the data from the inverter - but I can’t figure it out.

Since the seemingly incorrect values only occur sporadically, debugging is difficult. At which point should I expand the DebugLog to output the input values for the Solver class?


Hi klinki,

You may have already done this, but you can enable the debug mode in the Ess.Power-component. You will get all active EQUALS-constraints as log output together with the component it comes from.
If you want to see even more, you can remove the if-clause in line 145 here:

Then you even see all constraints, could be quite many though.
I hope that helps a bit.

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Hi Thomas,

Thanks for the advice - but it’s not quite what I am looking for. The immediate issue is the problems that occur with my PV inverter/ESS. The solver works properly in simulation. However, there appears to be a problem in the actual implementation, described here. I’ve implemented a workaround with a moving average, which works well, but nobody’s happy using workarounds…

I want to find out what the solver takes as input, e.g., Grid-Power. The strategy is “moving towards target”.

But it´s in fact interesting seeing all the constraints

Regards, Thomas (klinki)

EDIT: I think I have to look further into the component which controls the ESS :face_with_peeking_eye:
EDIT: I´ve implemented a DebugLog in the BalancingController. So I can have a real-time look on what´s being passed to the Solver class