Trying to simulate PV Production


After the Getting-Started guide, I’ve set up a simulation with Grid, Ess, and Consumption.

I want to add PV production simulation and it doesn’t show up in the UI.

What I did:

  • Created a data source for PV_PRODUCTION
  • Added a Production meter(it’s the second meter, the first one is the grid meter) and configured it to use the new data source.

Am I missing something that needs to be added?

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Hi Daniel,

sorry for the late reply… I was sick with Covid.

This was indeed a bug. It is fixed with UI bugfix `isProducer()` method by sfeilmeier · Pull Request #1770 · OpenEMS/openems · GitHub. Thanks for pointing it out.

To extend the simulation with PV production, I recommend the following steps. They replace the Grid-Meter with a Production and a Consumption-Meter; just like in a real system, the Grid power then gets calculated from ESS charge/discharge, PV production and consumption.

  1. Delete Simulator GridMeter Acting [meter0]
  2. Create Simulator GridMeter Reacting:
  • Component-ID: meter0
  1. Update Simulator DataSource: CSV Predefined [datasource0]:
  1. Create Simulator ProductionMeter Acting:
  • Component-ID: meter1
  • Factor: 1
  • Datasource-ID: datasource0
  1. Create Simulator DataSource: CSV Predefined:
  • Component-ID: datasource1
  • Factor: -1
  1. Create Simulator NRCMeter Acting
  • Component-ID: meter2
  • Datasource-ID: datasource1


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