Using Simulator DataSource: CSV Direct for my own load profile

Hello ;

I am trying to simulate my own profile, so i did the following:

  1. I saved the files as CSV file and paste it in the folder: openems\io.openems.edge.simulator\bin\io\openems\edge\simulator\datasource\csv\direct

  2. I followed the steps in [Getting Started] but I just used CSV Direct instead of CSV Predefined

  3. in the “Source” field of “CSV Direct” I wrote the file name.CSV

Then I got nothing !

Could you please advise if there is any recommendations to overcome this issue?


Hi Amro,

The Simulator DataSource: CSV Direct does not take the path to CSV file, but rather expects the content of the CSV file directly in its configuration. So you should just be able to copy the content of your CSV file into the source configuration parameter:


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Thanks Stefan, I got it …

However, I tried to use my data but I got error in the Controller Balancing Symmetric “Fault Running the Controller failed”… But when I copied and pasted the data in the “standard load profile” it is worked well !

Is there any specific pattern/ characteristic should be in the load profile ?

Best Regards